8 Problems that Veneers Correct

8 Problems that Veneers Correct

Dental veneers are thin porcelain shells that fit snugly against the front surface of your teeth. As a result, they can correct many imperfections in your smile, often more effectively than other alternatives like teeth whitening or crowns.

There’s nothing like veneers to give you a true “Hollywood smile.” You can have perfect teeth, no matter what they look like now. Dr. Thomas D. Sokoly of Sokoly Dental explains more about the benefits veneers can provide.

1. Effective whitening

If you’ve tried teeth whitening before and haven’t achieved the results you wanted, you might want to consider veneers. Sometimes the dentin inside your teeth is naturally discolored, which doesn’t respond well to whitening, if at all.

Because Dr. Sokoly can make the porcelain shells any shade you choose, you can go whiter — much whiter — than what teeth whitening can do. Teeth whitening is usually only limited to a certain number of shades lighter, but veneers can be as white as you want them to be.

2. Do what braces can’t do

Invisalign® and traditional braces can straighten your teeth to an extent. But they’re still limited in some respects. If your teeth are spaced too far apart, for example, braces might not be a good choice.

Veneers can cover up a lot of imperfections in your smile, including teeth that are spaced too far apart. 

3. Cover up chipped teeth

If you have chipped or uneven teeth, you might think you just have to learn to live with it, but that’s not the case if you get veneers. Veneers can cover up chips in your teeth, and if your teeth are uneven lengths, veneers can line them up perfectly, too. 

4. Fix cracked teeth

If your teeth are cracked, you may not realize they can be easily fixed. You don’t even have to resort to getting root canals and dental implants if your teeth have shallow cracks. Veneers can cover up the cracks in your teeth and give your teeth a smooth, even appearance while resisting further cracking and decay.

5. Correct worn or dull teeth

Worn or dull teeth can make you look older and less attractive than you actually are. Many people are surprised by how much younger they look after they get veneers. Dental veneers can cover up teeth that are worn or dull, and replace them with porcelain shells that look more youthful.

6. Fix misshapen teeth

If your teeth are misshapen, it can have a big impact on a lot of things. Not only won’t your teeth look even, but your bite can be misaligned. And if your bite is off, it can cause other problems, like chronic headaches and aches in your jaw. Veneers can make your teeth evenly shaped, which can often correct bite misalignment problems at the same time.

7. Correct serious decay

Sometimes tooth decay becomes so serious that it leaves us with few good options. You can try getting a root canal and a crown, but your problem may be greater than that. Cleaning out the decay then covering your tooth with veneers can stop the decay from getting any worse.

8. Replace damaged enamel

The enamel is the hard outer layer on your teeth. But many foods and drinks are highly acidic, which can wear away the enamel on your teeth. This can result in making your teeth much more sensitive, especially to hot or cold drinks.

Enamel can’t be replaced once lost. However, putting veneers on your teeth can cover over the damaged enamel. You can eliminate many of the symptoms of damaged enamel like dental sensitivity.

Because we have to remove a thin layer of your natural tooth to put veneers in place, you should consider veneers to be a permanent solution. Most veneers last for about 7-15 years, on average. If you’re interested in seeing what veneers can do for you, call Sokoly Dental at 202-235-2072 today, or schedule an appointment online.

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