Summer Selfies and 5 Other Great Reasons to Have Your Teeth Professionally Whitened

How often has someone taken a picture of you and said, “Say cheese,” only to have you hide your teeth? Stained and yellow teeth can be embarrassing and prevent you from feeling comfortable with your smile. Instead of hiding your teeth get them professionally whitened so you can enjoy taking summer selfies and family photos. 

At Sokoly Dental in Washington, DC we know how essential it is to have clean teeth. Aside from the importance of a healthy mouth, your smile introduces you to the world before you even speak. That’s why it’s so important to have a smile you’re proud of. 

Thomas Sokoly, DDS is a teeth whitening specialist who is happy to offer professional treatments for you to do at home. He can also have them whitened right here in the office. 

Do you want to feel confident in your smile? Here are all the reasons to have your teeth whitened by a professional this summer.

Why your teeth stain

There are many things that can cause your teeth to stain. Coffee, tea, wine, smoking, getting old, trauma to your teeth due to a mouth injury, or certain medications. Poor dental hygiene and genetics are also factors. In fact, some teeth may not respond as well to the process, but Dr. Sokoly will advise you on all that.

Best reasons to have your teeth professionally whitened

The first reason is a timely one. It’s summer! Which means you'll be taking a ton of selfies and photos. You want to look back on your pictures and marvel in your great smile, right? Have your teeth professionally whitened so your spirit can shine through your smile. 

Here are five more reasons you should consider whitening your teeth:

1. Confidence 

Whether you’re going on a date, job interview, or just spending time with your spouse and loved ones, if you have dirty and stained teeth, it can impact your confidence. White teeth can make a huge difference in how you feel about yourself. 

2. Health

Coming into Sokoly Dental for the whitening procedure gives us a chance to look at your teeth and make sure everything is healthy. We'll check to make sure you're brushing and flossing correctly and ensure there's no serious problem lurking inside your mouth.

Not to mention, if you’re having your teeth whitened in the office, we'll apply a protective coating over your gums and soft tissues to protect them from the solution and bleaching. You don’t have to worry about any harm coming to your teeth. 

3. Quicker results

Our team uses a special and strong hydrogen peroxide treatment that’s better than any over the counter treatment. Plus, we use a special tool and light that helps the solution go into the enamel faster. This also makes removing stains and the whitening process much more productive, and we can accomplish this in just one visit.

4. Customized treatments

With the at-home professional whitening treatment, we make a custom-fitted tray for your individual mouth and teeth. After a few weeks and just an hour a day, you’ll love your new pearly whites.

5. Safer

We know exactly what’s in our whitening solutions and are prepared if you have any irritation or issues. You won’t get that with over the counter cleaners and whiteners. Let us give you a beautiful white smile in the safest way possible. 

With summertime here, being able to fully smile for your selfies will create better memories. Let Sokoly Dental professionally whiten your teeth and have you happy and thrilled to show them to the world. Visit us here to schedule an appointment today.

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