Why Veneers Are So Awesome: 5 Smile Flaws They Can Easily Correct

Here at Sokoly Dental in Washington, DC, Dr. Thomas Sokoly specializes in both general and cosmetic dentistry and can set you

Dental veneers are like “tooth shells” that cover your problem dental areas to change your look -- and your outlook. Like dental implants, veneers are a permanent solution to many cosmetic issues, but they’re much less invasive. 

Here at Sokoly Dental in Washington, DC, Dr. Thomas Sokoly specializes in both general and cosmetic dentistry and can set you up with a new smile in just a couple of visits. First, he works with you to decide on the right, size, shape, and color of your veneers. Then he preps your teeth by shaving a thin layer of enamel so the veneers will fit. As soon as the lab completes your custom veneers, you come back and get your permanent new smile. 

Here are the top-5 dental issues veneers can fix.

1. Deeply stained or discolored teeth 

Stained teeth are fairly common and are generally caused by the things you eat and drink. Red wine, black coffee and tea, and even tobacco can change the color of your teeth. In many cases, we can help you reclaim your pearly whites with a professional whitening treatment here in our office. 

However, if you have discoloration that runs deeper than surface stains, veneers can hide the yellow, brown, gray, or black that may be the result of more serious issues. Permanent discoloration can be attributed to:

2. Cracked or chipped teeth

Once you damage an adult tooth, that’s it. No second chances, no self-repair. If it happens to your front teeth for all the world to see every time you open your mouth, you may find yourself smiling less, talking less, and lacking the confidence you once had. 

Some of the most common causes of cracked and chipped teeth are:

Veneers can get you back on track by covering your dental imperfections for good. Since they’re made of porcelain, they are strong and durable. We can match the color of your neighboring teeth so your smile looks bright, natural, and chip-free.

3. Gaps between your teeth

If you were born with teeth that have too much space between them, veneers can close the gaps and give you a fuller-looking set of teeth. Those gaps, also known as diastemas, can be caused by:

Whether you have one large gap between your two front teeth or lots of spaces throughout your mouth, Dr. Sokoly can make your veneers the right size and shape to span the space so it looks like you were born with perfect teeth. 

4. Oddly shaped or crooked teeth

Ideally, all your teeth would be similarly sized and shaped so they look good and function well. But if heredity had other plans for you, you may be living with teeth that are misshapen, misaligned, or too small. 

Fortunately, Dr. Sokoly can fix that with veneers. If he determines that braces are either unnecessary or won’t be effective in your case, veneers may be the answer. The tooth-shaped shells go over the top of your problem tooth — just like a crown or a cap but with only enamel removal.

5. Stumpy teeth

Do you grind your teeth at night? This condition, known as bruxism, may not only drive your sleeping partner crazy, but it can also cause you problems during the day. Many people who grind their teeth complain of chronic headaches or a sore jaw. In most cases, you may notice slight wearing on the teeth that do most of the grinding. But in severe cases, it results in teeth that are ground down to stumps. 

Veneers can restore the original shape of your worn teeth but proceed with caution. Veneers are generally pretty durable, but teeth grinding packs a powerful punch and can crack or break your new veneers. If you and Dr. Sokoly opt for this solution, it’s best to wear a mouthguard to protect your veneers from the same thing that caused the damage in the first place — bruxism. Better yet, get your grinding under control by seeking treatment or trying self-help measures such as:

Dissatisfaction with your smile can lead to depression and isolation. Take your life back with dental veneers that cover your imperfections and leave you with a fresh new look, ready to face the world. Call our office today or use the “book online” option to take your first step toward a new smile. 

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